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What are the Most Important Advantages of Buying Property in Turkey?

Turkey is a strong country with its stable economy as well as being an attractive country for foreign investors. Turkey has a geopolitical location, natural and cultural richness, transportation facilities, newly built bridges, airports and developed tourism, trade, entertainment life, event, and congress tourism activities. The growing economy will continue to host new opportunities, add value to its investors and increase its value in the future, with new luxury housing projects and sector dynamics in the property investment sector. Therefore, to make property investments in Turkey brings with it many advantages. In this article, we wanted to mention what are the most important advantages of buying property in Turkey.

Valuable Investment : Properties

The property investment sector in Turkey is one of the industry was able to maintain steady growth. Investments in property provide high returns in every period. Therefore, to make property investments in Turkey offers a lucrative investment opportunity. In 2019, according to statistics of the Turkey Statistical Institute, 1 million 348 thousand residential units were sold in Turkey. In house sales, Istanbul ranked first with 238 thousand house sales and 17.6 percent share in 2019. Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 132 thousand house sales and 9.8 percent share, and İzmir with 79 thousand house sales and 5.9 percent share. Housing sales to foreigners increased by 14.7 percent in the year, and Istanbul took first place with 21 thousand houses and Antalya with second place with 9 thousand houses. Antalya was followed by Ankara with 3,000 sales and Bursa with 2,000 sales. Such a performance seen in Turkey is a reflection of confidence in Turkey’s economy and the stability of the real estate sector.

Be able to obtain citizenship of foreigners who buy property in Turkey, it stands out as the foremost advantages for foreign investors. It has become possible for foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship by acquiring a property worth at least $ 250,000. This regulation also applies to investors who invest at least USD 500,000, individuals who invest USD 500,000 in the bank, or investors who provide employment opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens. Following the new VAT regulation, foreign investors will be able to purchase property without paying VAT; but will not be able to sell these properties for three years.

Discover Turkey

Turkey is visited by millions of people all over the world every year. Turkey has a wealth of natural beauty, cultural values, historical structures, and geographical advantage. Nowadays it is very easy to get Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport. Being a Turkish citizen provides many benefits. Foreigners can acquire Turkish Citizenship and passports through the purchase of a residence or investment in the desired amount. Once you have a Turkish passport, you can travel to 77 countries using Visa-Free and 7 countries using e-Visa.

One of the largest airport projects in the world, the Istanbul New Airport project was put into service. Other major projects, such as the Istanbul Canal Project and the new metro lines, are continuing rapidly. It is unique in nature and climate. Other cities and towns of Turkey have natural beauty, the greenery of the flowing water, the beach, a large part of the year and a soft meadow into the air.

Turkey’s future expectations; to promote technological transformation in various aspects of public and life, to make public and private sector institutions more accessible with more open and flexible policies, to provide more convenient services through multiple channels, to secure the connection between public and commercial services of all segments of society by the easiest way.



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