Property Guide Turkey

Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment


Foreigners, who invest at least 250.000 USD in a property in Turkey, are eligible for acquisition of Turkish Citizenship within a short period of time. Amount of investment is subjected towards single or multiple properties, which can be either residential or commercial. Investment can be made not only in US Dollars but also in equivalent other foreign currency or Turkish Lira. Only those, who purchase their properties after 19.09.2018 can benefit from the latest amendments in Turkish Citizenship Law. However, foreign investors, who purchased their properties after 12.01.2017 can also apply for Turkish Citizenship under the condition that the total value of their properties within Turkey is at least 1 million USD. As by criteria of the program, those properties can not be sold for three years. Not only foreign investors but also their spouse and children under 18 years old will be eligible for Turkish Citizenship on the basis of property investment. Evaluation of Turkish Citizenship by Investment application takes only from 45 days to 4 months.


Since Turkish Citizenship by Investment program has been introduced, foreign investors have the opportunity to become Turkish Citizens within a maximum of four months. Residency in Turkey before or after the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship is not required. Investors are allowed to rent purchased properties if they are not planning to live in Turkey. Applicants are also not obliged to know the Turkish language. Citizenship on the basis of the investment is granted for a lifetime and gives foreigners the same rights as are granted to Turkish citizens by birth, including access to healthcare and education. Moreover, foreigners do not need to declare their wealth in order to benefit from the program. Application for Turkish Passport can be made shortly after Turkish Citizenship would be granted.


Dual Citizenship  – Turkey allows dual citizenship. You do not need to renounce your current citizenship to become Turkish citizens.

Visa-free travel – Turkish citizens can travel to over 100 countries without a visa or with only e-visa.

No Military Service – Military service in Turkey is not mandatory for investors, who acquire Turkish Citizenship.

Fast growing Economy – Turkey is developing very quickly and its economy is predicted to be one of the World’s biggest economies by 2030.

Expand your business activity – There are strict criteria for foreigners, who would like to do business activity in Turkey. After becoming a Turkish Citizen, you can easily expand your business within Turkey and those criteria would not apply to you anymore. You will also benefit from low taxation and double-tax agreements signed by Turkey with 80 other countries, which prevent investors from double taxing.