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Status of Children Over 18 Years in Terms of Citizenship by Investment

As is known, a property investment of USD 250,000 can obtain citizenship in Turkey for foreigners without any waiting period. The only requirement for this is to commit to not selling the purchased property for three years. In this way, if they wish, the spouse of the foreign investor and children under the age of 18 can also enjoy the right to citizenship. Therefore, children over the age of 18 cannot enjoy this right. In this article, you can find situations about children over 18 years old in citizenship by investment.

As mentioned above, the duration of all investments is only three years. You can be a Turkish citizen provided that you get back the investments made three years later with the legal return. At the same time, your spouse and your children under 18 will be Turkish citizens. To be included in the program do not have to live in Turkey, you can get your money back with legal interest after three years. You can remove your property. However, your Turkish citizenship will continue throughout your life. Your spouse and children under 18 will also be Turkish citizens. You also do not have to leave the nationality of the country in which you are a current citizen.

Can my child over the age of 18 enjoy the right to citizenship?

Unfortunately, your child aged 18 and over will not be eligible for citizenship. However, if you have a disabled child over the age of 18, you can get citizenship for him. The right to citizenship is granted if you document that your child needs care. In other cases, there is no privilege. Children 18 and older are considered an adult by age. For this reason, individuals aged 18 and over are required to apply for Turkish citizenship individually with investment. If the necessary conditions are met, they can gain Turkish citizenship.



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