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Seasons and Weather in Turkey

Turkey has various climate types through the advantage of geographical location and landforms. It is a very rich country in terms of tourism, is among the temperate zone and subtropical zone and hosted four seasons of tourism.

Turkey has perfect and specifical climatic types thanks to its under the influence of Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea surrounding it. Seasons which is well known as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter provides a dreamy atmosphere for the visitors. The cultural meeting point between east and west, Turkey is located in large Mediterranean region. You can find the details about seasons and weather in Turkey regarding the continuation of our content.

Autumn in Turkey

With mostly mild weather to discover historical sites and unique nature, autumn season is a good choice. In Turkey, autumn season occurs in September, October and November and it is most likely rainy and windy. During the season, the days are shorter than the nights and the temperature cools down to 12 °C and it can reach up to 28 °C. In autumn, the atmosphere covered with trees that exhibit shades of yellow, orange and red as well as green, impresses those who see it


Winter in Turkey

One of the best times to visit Turkey is winter season which starts in December and ends in March. The winter in Turkey is definitely worth an experience. During the winter season, the country is hit by heavy snow, especially in mountains, it heavily snows that attracts of ski tourism. Within this time, you can do many nature and spor activities such as skiing, ice-skating and snowboard. Winter can be chilly, rainy and snowy, with occasional cold. Depends on the region of Turkey, the average temperature in the winter is the lowest -13 °C and the highest 12 °C.


Spring in Turkey

The average temperature is -3 °C (which is the lowest) in the east side of Turkey and 20 °C (which is the highest) in the south side of Turkey during the spring season which includes March, April and May. When the spring comes, you can see various and multicoloured flowers, plants and trees. Especially because of many tulip plantations, Turkey is remarkably beautiful during that season.


Summer in Turkey

Summer, the warmest season in Turkey, consists of months June, July and August. In the west, south and center of Turkey, summer is very hot and dry, whereas the north and east side have mild temperature. Turkey, looks breathtakingly beautiful during the summer time with many activities such as festivals and picnics which is the tradition for especially Turkish families. In addition, there are many different type of outdoor activities like swimming, surf, paragliding and sailing that anyone can enjoy in the summer. The Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea coasts have fabulous landscapes and relaxing atmosphere with beautiful beaches.


Seasons in Istanbul

Istanbul enjoys defined seasons when it comes to the climate and weather conditions. A city where four seasons can be experienced, Istanbul is exceptionally beautiful at any time of the year. The hottest months of Istanbul are July and August while the coldest months are January and February. In the summer, the temperature shows averaging 27°C and the weather is hot and humid. During the winter it is cold, often wet and snowy, with the temperature averaging 4°C. Temperatures rarely below the freezing point and the snow would not last more than 10 days. Spring and autumn seasons occur similarly, there may be sudden changes in temperature. You can also see tulips all around the city and festivals most likely take place in this season.



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