Property Guide Turkey

Residence and Work Permit

Foreigners who purchase property in Turkey can easily obtain a residence permit. Moreover, their spouse and children have a right to apply for a residence permit on this basis as well. Application for a residence permit can be made once the title deed is transferred to the applicant. Timeframe to obtain a residence permit depends on the city, where the application is submitted and available appointment dates. Application for a residence permit based on ownership of property can be only submitted in the city, where the real estate is located. This kind of permit can be extended every time its duration is about to expire for as long as its holder will be the owner of the property. At first, the permit is usually given for one year. Later, each extension can be granted for up to three years.

Those who stay in Turkey uninterruptedly for at least five years on the basis of residence permit for property owners, gain a right to apply for Turkish Citizenship. Uninterrupted stay means that during five years back from the application date, there would be no periods when the applicant was not a residence permit holder and time spent out of Turkey did not exceed one year in total or six months at once.

Being a residence permit holder gives a number of rights to foreigners in Turkey. Some of them are right for education in Turkey for children of foreign investor and easier access to healthcare. However, a residence permit does not give foreigners the right to work in Turkey. Those who wish to work in Turkey must find a job and their future employer must apply for a work permit on behalf of the foreigner. Work permit application procedures are easier though if the foreigner is residence permit holder as the whole process can be made within Turkey and the applicant does not need to visit their home country to finalize procedures.