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23, A Project Between the City Centre and Nature - Property Guide Turkey
Property Guide Turkey

A Project Between the City Centre and Nature

Starting From
Property Type: Apartments/Flat
  • Fitness Center
  • Indoor Parking

Located next to the forest, the project has an open and unobstructed green view. There are 1+1, 1+1,5 and 1+1 loft apartment options in the project and each apartment has its own terrace. The apartments are designed to be combined, so you can obtain 3+1 apartment by combining 2 units 1+1 apartments.

The project, which will make both the residents and the investors happy, was sharpened with an architectural design approach appropriate for the city life. It draws attention with the city view as well as the forest view.

In this project, you will feel that living in Istanbul is beautiful with the privilege of being close to anywhere. You will live away from the crowd of the city and will also be very close to metro and transportation centers, educational institutions, business centers, thanks to its strategic location. The project is 1 minute to the closest metro station, 4 minutes to Istinye Park Shopping Mall, 6 minutes to Vadi Istanbul Shopping Mall and 25 minutes to Istanbul Airport. In addition, 1.5 km long shopping street, cafes and restaurants are just 150 meters away.

The construction company is known for the contribution of the construction sector with hotel, housing, shopping mall and office construction projects. It created projects for international brands of the private sector and leading educational institutions of the country. It has completed over 450 construction projects of various scales.

Maslak, the rising value of the last 25 years, accommodates 1 million people each day with its universities and young working population. The district is considered as the main financial center of Istanbul, thus of Turkey, where international and local companies, banks and holdings stand out, is a unique location. An essential address for investment, Maslak is a region where prices or rents rise constantly every year. Istanbul Technical University, Nisantasi University, MEF, Beykent University and Isik University are located in this region.


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