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Adalar (Islands)

Adalar is the scene of many cultural and artistic activities carried out by NGOs throughout the year. This district consists of 9 islands. Namely Big Island, Heybelia, Burgaza, Kınalıa, Sedefada, Kaşıkada, Tavşanada, Yassiada and Sivriada.


Arnavutköy (meaning “Albanian village” in Turkish) is a town and rural district in Istanbul Province, Turkey. The district was newly formed in 2008 from the large rural part of Gaziosmanpaşa district and parts of other districts, including Çatalca.


Ataşehir is a modern suburban district of Istanbul, Turkey. The housing development is designed to include 18,000 skyscraper condominiums offering luxury residences for 80,000 people with higher incomes.


Avcılar is a district of Istanbul, Turkey, out of town on the European side of the city, just to the west of the Küçükçekmece inlet of the Sea of Marmara.


Bağcılar is a working-class suburban district of Istanbul, Turkey. It is located behind Bahçelievler on the European side of the city, between the two major ring roads, the TEM and the E5.


Bahçelievler (meaning “houses with gardens” in Turkish) is a large middle-class residential suburb of Istanbul, Turkey, on the European side of the city.


Bakırköy is a neighbourhood, municipality (belediye) and district on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. The quarter is densely populated, has a residential character and is inhabited by an upper-middle-class population.


Başakşehir is one of the 39 second-level districts in Greater Istanbul, Turkey. It is in the European part of Istanbul.


Bayrampaşa is a suburban district of Istanbul, Turkey on the European side of the city. The district comprises both working-class residential and industrial areas. The population is 240,000 (1997), and the district covers an area of 8 km2 (3.1 sq mi).