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How Can A Foreign Investor Buy Agricultural Lands In Turkey?

Seeds in a garden send the baby to school

Locals in Turkey have an old but gold tradition still in effect: Seeds in a garden send the baby to school.

Buy land and plant fruit trees when your new baby comes. Trees will start to produce when the newborn starts to go to school. Trees will produce more while the kid grows until the kid is in the age of high school.

Agricultural Land is one of the most preferred and secure real estate investment instruments in Turkey. Even though the urban population in Turkey exceeds greatly the rural population; agriculture never drops its highest importance in Turkish national memory. Since the early 2000s, agricultural lands are also highly demanded by a foreign individual or corporate investors.

Foreigners are allowed to buy lands in Turkey, but…

Along with other real estate instruments like commercial and residential properties, farmlands, as well as agricultural fields, are eligible to foreigners with some limitations:

  • Foreign individual investors are allowed to purchase and own agricultural lands with a cap of 300.000 M² (30 Hectares) per person;
  • The total area of lands sold to foreigners can not exceed 10% of the sellable area of a district or municipal zone.

These two above can be doubled by the Presidential decree;

  • Land subject to be bought by foreigner investor must have Military approval for transfer.
  • If the land does not yet agricultural status, the buyer should submit a proper project with a business plan to the relevant Ministery within 2 years

If you have decided to buy agricultural land in Turkey

Before any further step, investors should check this criterion in order not to waste time and effort and then after other financial and legal issues through experienced and reliable consultants.



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