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Internationally Awarded Residential Project: for Those Looking for Peaceful and Smooth Family Life

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بار کد PGT160
نوع ملک: نوع آپارتمان/واحد
  • اتاق بازی کودکان
  • اسپا
  • استخر سرپوشیده
  • استخر شنا
  • استخر کودکان
  • امکانات اجتماعی
  • باشگاه ورزشی
  • پارکینگ روباز
  • دریاچه / دریاچه مصنوعی
  • زمین بسکتبال
  • زمین والیبال
  • سونا
  • گارکینگ سرپوشیده
فرم درخواست اطلاعات بیشتر

Project consists of 3 consecutive phases (two ready-to-deliver residential phases and one huge commercial phases under-development) in a huge land of roughly 800.000 M². This second phase of the Project, consisting of 363 flats in 10 blocks and shops for daily needs as well as educational facilities, has also made a big impact in European and Turkish Housing sector awarded with internationally recognized prizes, as its previous phase has made. It’s basically a residential compound Project of 363 units dispersed in 10 blocks with shops for Daily needs as well as private schools; built on top of a plot of 52.000 M² with 172.000 M² built-up area. Project offers a large variety of options with different flat types of 1-2-3-4 bedroom units with small/large balcony and open/closed kitchen options. Finishing of flats, efficient use of flat spaces and social facilities are highly appreciated by residents (both buyers and tenants). Good quality apartments, studious landscape in addition to rich social facilities (check the list below) as well as approximity to public transportation, malls, public services and business districts makes the project a very preferrable investment for mid-term.

Project is being developed by the consortium of two major and well-reputed construction companies of Turkey; both of developers are active in Istanbul, Ankara and Bodrum. This Europe’s biggest and Best Apartment awarded Project has given a good performance since its launched thanks to its developers as well.

Küçükçekmece is best known as a developing housing area for the last decade in Istanbul’s European Side. Expansion of istanbul in early 2000’s took place in this district due to its location between two main highways of istanbul, aproximity to the airport and access to all public transportation as well as its unique location next to the Küçükçekmece Natural Lake. Küçükçekmece has performed very well within last decade in terms of (especially residential) real estate appreciation; consequently many shopping malls, private or public hospitals as well as schools and better than average infrastructure have been built. And most recently, Turkish Government’s Canal İstanbul Project which is currently under-construction, starts from Küçükçekmece Natural Lake. Project is expected to attract additional investments to its entourage, to enhance commercial and social life alongside.


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