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پاسپورت ترکیه با آپارتمانهای سوپر لوکس دید کامل دریا و امکانات یک هتل 5 ستاره

شروع از
اشتراک گذاری
بار کد PGT156
نوع ملک: نوع آپارتمان/واحد
  • آب گرم مرکزی
  • آیفون تصویری
  • اتفای حریق
  • اتفای حریق
  • استخر سرپوشیده
  • استخر شنا
  • امکانات اجتماعی
  • انباری
  • اینترنت فیبر نوری
  • اینترنت وای فای
  • باغچه و پارک
  • پارکینگ
  • تقویت کننده آب
  • تکنیکال سرویس
  • تکنیکال سرویس 24 ساعته
  • تلویزیون مدار بسته
  • تلویزیون مرکزی
  • تمیزکننده
  • حمام ترکی
  • درب ضد سرقت
  • دوربین مدار بسته
  • رزپشن
  • رستوران
  • سوپر مارکت
  • سونا
  • سونای بخار
  • گاز طبیعی
  • محافظ رعد و برق
  • مخرن
  • نگهبانی
  • نگهبانی
  • نگهبانی 24 ساعته
فرم درخواست اطلاعات بیشتر

This premium real estate project will offer you an exclusive lifestyle with a gorgeous sea view in a central location. The real estate project residents of all ages can meet their needs such as education, transportation, working life, health and shopping which promises an exclusive life for everyone. The lively and colourful squares are inside the project at a walking distance from their apartments and contain many social and artistic activities.

The Bazaar, hotel, cultural centre, restaurant, represents mixed-use social areas which aim to bring people of different ages and tastes, and offer a warm neighbourhood life. You will feel the timeless spirit of the historical buildings in every corner of the real estate project which includes the careful restoration of historic buildings. The presence of historical buildings reinforce the real estate project and the area of its location thanks to this cultural heritage, which have been closed for 100 years, the historical buildings will gain a second life.

This exclusive real estate project is coming from the partnership of three important company. The first real estate company entered the construction sector in 1995 and founded a portfolio management company in 2009 with the strength of its experience in this field. The construction company develops mixed residential and commercial projects especially in the central areas of Istanbul. As a pioneer in the development of modern lifestyles, the real estate company priority is to adds value to modern urban architecture and people’s lifestyles.

The second real estate company since its establishment in 1973, has been operating as a general contractor in the construction sector and has undertaken important projects in almost every branch of the sector in Turkey and abroad. In the superstructure area, many sports facilities, social facilities, administrative and military buildings, luxury and mass housing complexes, shopping centres, commercial complexes, luxury hotel and tourism complexes, business centres, hotels, offices, corporate complex projects are successfully included in their references. The Middle East countries, especially Saudi Arabia, are another region the real estate company is actively working abroad.

The third real estate company product portfolio’s consists of mixed-use and sustainable revenue-focused projects. The projects realized by the company include Shopping Malls in Istanbul as well as a gastronomy and entertainment centre.

The real estate project location offers you different transportation ways together. The marina area and sea shuttles that are planned to be constructed allow you to reach your destination in a short time without getting stuck in Istanbul traffic. The residents will be privileged in transportation by the easy connection to all transportation networks of the city thanks to the Marmaray Zeytinburnu stop under construction. Located 10 km from Ataturk Airport, the real estate project is located in a central location with a direct connection to important points such as TEM, E5, Bakirkoy and Yenikapi IDO piers.

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