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خرید آپارتمان در استانبول با دید دریا در مجتمع لوکس

شروع از
اشتراک گذاری
بار کد PGT134
نوع ملک: نوع آپارتمان/واحد
  • آسانسور
  • اتاق ابزار
  • اتاق بازی
  • استخر شنا
  • باشگاه ورزشی
  • پارکینگ
  • دید شهر
  • گرمایش مرکزی
  • مخزن آب پرفشار
  • منبع ذخیره آب
فرم درخواست اطلاعات بیشتر

Bringing together the unique nature of Istanbul with aesthetics and comfort, the project adds value to your quality of life and investment. Combining the beauty of blue and green with its fresh air, complete living spaces and the location next to the marina life, it gives you the privilege of living peacefully both inside and outside your home. In this project, each window opens to the blue through 360 degree sea view.

With 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 apartments – duplex options and large balconies, it satisfies every need. It consists of 19 separate low-rise buildings with 330 distinct apartments, with a wide range of sizes and wide spaces. A combination of quality and luxurious materials in every detail, the project has great investment returns, affordable prices and effortless payment plans.

The project is located 300 meters away from the sea and offering the serenity of the marina life. It has brought you everything you need in terms of shopping, entertainment, sports and activity in addition to its proximity to several important points. You can spend quality time at restaurants and cafes after shopping. The project considers everything for you and your family through its proximity to the hospitals, schools, main transportation roads, and marina in addition to the social facilities and sports areas in it.

The project is under construction in Beylikdüzü area which is convenient and located directly by the sea. In a central point of one of the beautiful coastlines of Istanbul, it is surrounded by nature, you will both live a quiet life and be close to everywhere. You will enjoy the opportunity with many alternative routes to get to wherever you want. There are also several commercial and public transport centers, public and private hospitals and universities nearby. The project is 5 minutes from the E5 highway and Marmara Park Shopping Mall.

Established in 1974, the construction company serves for urban transformation vision of Turkey in its all projects. Succeeded in several superstructure and infrastructure projects, the company made its way to be a reliable, growing and institutionalised company in the same period acting following the unconditional customer satisfaction principle.

With its superior building techniques and skills applied to living spaces that it vitalizes, it has proved its quality. It is planning to transfer such quality and trust beyond borders in the near future through the superstructure and substructure projects scheduled to be implemented abroad. The company’s biggest mission is to provide healthy living spaces for people where they can enjoy living and be happy.


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