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بار کد PGT120
نوع ملک: نوع آپارتمان/واحد
  • آسانسور
  • اتاق ابزار
  • اتاق بازی
  • استخر شنا
  • باشگاه ورزشی
  • پارکینگ
  • دید شهر
  • گرمایش مرکزی
  • مخزن آب پرفشار
  • منبع ذخیره آب
فرم درخواست اطلاعات بیشتر

The project, rising in Avcılar which is one of the fastest developing locations of Istanbul, has large and spacious balconies, comfortable living spaces, colorful flowers in the garden, a peaceful pond with a
relaxing look and sound. With the amenities and social areas that bring the family happily together, it is ready to make your life priceless.

In the project, there are 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 3,5+1 and 4+1 apartment types with the view of Marmara Sea, Küçükçekmece Lake and Canal İstanbul project which is under construction. Prices for this project are more affordable than its competitors in the same region. Thanks to its proximity to the campus of Istanbul University, it will not be difficult to find tenants for those who wish to invest in this project.

Title deed and key ready project offers you a spacious and unlimited city view. You can enjoy modern life in that project which is rich in social areas. It gives you the privilege of raising your child in a safe environment while providing a playground where they can spend time with their friends and have
fun with them.

The property project is located in a district adjacent to one of the mega projects of Istanbul called Canal İstanbul, it is moreover situated close to the transport axes such as the under construction metro station, E-5 and TEM highway, metrobus station and İstanbul Airport adds a distinct value to the project. Walking distance from the project, there are 3 shopping malls: Pelican Mall, Torium, Akbatı Mall, universities, in addition private and public hospitals.

The project offers you the luxury of a safe and peaceful life in Avcılar, the center of the city. It provides you easy access to almost all points of Istanbul. The project offers you an exclusive life at the most central point of Avcılar with 5 minutes walking to the points which are indispensable in your daily life such as pharmacy and street market.

The developer company is a reputable company for exporting over a million parts per year to European countries in the manufacture of garments. For more than 25 years, the sourcing capability of the company combined with its industry know-how has contributed to its growth.

It develops garments to achieve the best result both in quality and price. As it sets out to prove its success in the construction sector as well as the garment sector, it has undertaken its first project with great care.


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