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شرایط سرمایه گذاری با روش گارانتی یا ضمانت اجاره

Getting Turkish citizenship through investment has become a popular method for the last 10 months. As of today, there are more than 3 thousand files in progress or already resulted.

Some of the foreign investors who applied to Turkish citizenship for investment purpose, are making future plans in Turkey, Others who are not wishing to live in Turkey, prefers to apply on behalf just to get citizenship. The most suitable option for investors who are making investments only for the citizenship is rental income properties. When they searching for a property, the forefront of the criteria to consider, for the investors who are also party to the lease agreement when they purchase the property, is a satisfactory rental income paid by a solid tenant, as well as being easy and profitable of resale of the property.

Preferences of investors who demand to generate income fast from their investments in Turkey without requiring to live in Turkey in the future, generally is to purchasing shops and offices. On the other hand, a new model is emerging today. This real estate instrument, called Service Apartment and preferred in various countries around the world, basically means your hotel room in a tourist resort that is operated for you. To be more precise, you do not earn income from the income of your room, you earn income in proportion to your share of the total profit from the independent section or square meter share that you buy. Moreover, your property has title deeds and you sign a revenue contract with the operating company.

Turkey’s real estate market, has begun to apply this model with strong hospitality companies. Especially when we viewed Turkey in particular way, that method has become one of a few available investment models in which an individual investor can generate income apart from Turkish Lira. This method, in which operating companies propose long-term, foreign exchange and high Return of Investment (RIO) rates, has already begun to attract the attention of funds and fund managers in order to offer very attractive terms in terms of return.

The only thing is unclear regarding this product that is a real estate instrument and is also suitable for the Turkish Citizenship application, is that these products have just been released to the market and the second-hand market has not been formed. Some of the developer companies have begun to work to address this gap. You can contact our team for more detailed information about the options that mentioned above.

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