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Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Trust

Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Trust is a semi-governmental housing organisation, established initially in 1953 in order to lead and to implement urbanization policies of Turkey. First it has been re-organized in 2002, as a real estate development company, prior to developing 140 projects and 132.507 units; then Emlak Konut has gone public in Turkish Stock Market firstly in 2010 (which has been among the biggest 5 public offerings of Turkish Republic’s history) then again in 2013 (which had been the biggest real estate public offering of Europe for 5 years).

Emlak Konut declared 3,8 billion Lira as paid capital and 22,9 billion Lira as the value of assets in  3rd Quarter of 2018.

Emlak Konut is one of the most important key-players of real estate sector in Turkey due to its roles attributed by Turkish Government (current Minister of Environment and Urbanization of Republic of Turkey, Mr Murat Kurum used to be Emlak Konut’s previous General Manager) such as:

  • Setting and supervising standards of real estate production domain;
  • Conducting and supervising international real estate development agreements,
  • Supporting private sector projects with know-how, finances and urbanization programmes.

Following Emlak Konut and its projects is very important as well as beneficial for investors for a couple of reasons;

  • You can learn about developing and new real estate trends (Project’s mixture, future’s locations, future’s real estate investment instruments),
  • Emlak Konut’s priority is not financial profitability but high housing production standards with affordable amounts,
  • Real estate projects developed or co-developed (in partnership with the private sector’s actors) by Emlak Konut is practically under the guarantee of the Turkish Government, thus no risk of bankruptcy of private sector developer,

Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Trust is currently developing or co-developing 36 real estate projects all around Turkey. Please check projects below located in İstanbul and co-developed by Emlak Konut.



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