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5 Reasons to Make Property Investment in Yalova

Yalova is one of the fastest-growing and transforming cities in Turkey. With its natural resources, magnificent location, sea and developing a social life, it is truly a center of attraction. Investments made have an important role in the shining of the star of Yalova. In this article, you can find details about 5 reasons to make property investment in Yalova.

Yalova is formerly a small district of Istanbul, was developed with the investments made after being a province and has become one of the favorite places of foreign investors today. Yalova attracts the attention of foreign tourists with its sea, forests and living areas. Yalova is the address of those who want to escape from the crowded population of Istanbul and listen to their heads peacefully. Moreover, ferries and new bridges to Istanbul is one of the reasons to prefer to live in this province. In recent years, luxury residences have been built especially for Arabs with large families and their interest in the region has been increased. In Yalova, the favorite districts of foreigners are Merkez, Çiftlikköy, Çınarcık, Armutlu, and Altınova. Discover Yalova, which has every opportunity to make property investment for 5 reasons.

Transportation to Istanbul in 1 hour by ferry

Its location is one of the reasons behind the increasing interest in Yalova recently. It is possible to reach Yalova from Istanbul in 2 hours by road and 1 hour by sea. It has a location that can be reached in a few hours not only from Istanbul but also from metropolitan cities such as Ankara, Bursa, and Balıkesir. It is possible to go and see your investment in Yalova at any time. It is a port where you can escape as you get overwhelmed by the chaos of the city and miss the natural life.

The center of natural life

Another advantage of Yalova is that it has valuable natural resources and natural habitats. These areas become a part of your life with your investment. Social areas located around the pond, activity areas designed for young people and children, sun terraces are positioned to meet every need. Also, in the social facility of this world-class living area, the outdoor pool, and the thermal pool are located in the same place, opening the doors of a healthy life to you at any time.

The opportunities offered by a city meet at a single point!

While the newly built housing projects in Yalova offer life in touch with nature with its large landscape area and ponds, it does not take away from city life. While living a life free from stress and noise, the areas that provide all the necessary and social needs in the flow of life are included in these projects. In this new tourism city, there is a separate health center created with the opportunities provided by the thermal water. In the health center where there will be physical therapy, rehabilitation center, and thermal pools, detox and therapies and treatments in the world literature are also applied.

A new tourism city

Despite all the possibilities it has, Yalova has not been a tourism city at the level it deserves. But now this picture is also completely reversed. Moreover, tourism goals are much bigger and more ambitious than before. Along with important investments, Yalova is aimed to be a city where tourism will be the focus of visitors, the number of overnight stays, tourism in the sea in summer and thermal in winter.

Attraction center of major investors

Very important steps are taken to increase the brand value of Yalova not only in our country but also in the world, and even to become a brand city. Meetings with world giants, especially the Hilton brand, continue in the Yalova region. With the giants of the world involved in the project, it becomes clearer how profitable your property investment will be in Yalova.



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